About is the website of Craig Thomas, a musician who lives part time in the Bay Area of California and part time in Manatí Puerto Rico.


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Current Projects

Craig Thomas is always active in a couple of bands, and often has additional projects as well.

Madelina y los Carpinteros

Led by Madeleine Zayas and Fernando Torres, Madelina y los Carpinteros perform music of the Americas, combining original compositions and great works that are rooted in the people and places of South America, Central America, and the Antilles.

Craig Thomas plays cuatro puertorriqueño, guitar, and string bass.


The artistry of Tomás Enguídanos is the foundation for Manantial, performing original material and favorites from the Americas.

Craig Thomas plays cuatro puertorriqueño and guitar.

La décima y la decimilla

Craig Thomas has a fascination with the Spanish language poetry of décimas and decimillas in the context of música típica of Puerto Rico. The music that accompanies a décima is called a "seis", and the music that accompanies a decimilla is called "aguinaldo". This is the driver of pursuits in Manatí, Morovis, San Juan, and throughout the archipelago of Puerto Rico.